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Dhamaka sent customer's advance money to US!

2021-07-29 07:13:48 BdST

2024-06-19 14:05:12 BdST

The e-commerce company Dhamaka Shopping was accused of money laundering abroad a few days ago. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police was investigating the matter. Preliminary investigation has found the truth of money laundering of this company.

CID officials said they had information that Dhamaka had smuggled TK 70-80 crore abroad. An investigation based on this information initially found evidence of money laundering. Soon a case will be filed against the senior officials under the Money Laundering Act.

Meanwhile, Dhamakar Managing Director (MD) Jasim Uddin Chishti has already left for the United States. He did not come even though he repeatedly called the CID for questioning. "He is unable to return to the country due to the pandemic," the bomber told CID. However, MD Jasim himself did not contact the CID.

A responsible CID official told that Dhamaka had transferred about Tk 50 crore in advance to a US bank account in the name of delivering goods from customers. The most' share of the money they have collected through 'Double Money Voucher' and 'Signature Card' schemes.

The CID summoned Dhamakar's superiors to the CID office for questioning and found out about the
money laundering. Dhamakar MD Jasim Uddin, CEO Sirajul Islam, Head of Accounts and Finance Department Aminur Hossain were called to the office for questioning. Although two officers showed up at the CID office, the MD did not show up.

Asked about the MD, the two officials told CID that the MD is currently in the United States. He is unable to return to the country due to the Corona epidemic. So he could not attend even after receiving the interrogation letter.

According to CID sources, Dhamakar has only TK 93,000 thousands in his bank account. The advance money that Dhamaka used to collect from customers in the name of selling goods was kept in a bank account opened in the name of 'Invariant Telecom'. Although 56 crore tk have been transacted in that account in the last 6 months, at present its balance is only 93 thousand taka.

Meanwhile, CID has recently sent a letter to Bangladesh Bank requesting it to seize a total of 14 personal bank accounts of Dhamaka and its superiors. The accounts were seized accordingly.

Among the seized accounts are 5 in the name of MD Jasim Uddin, 6 in the name of Invariant Telecom, one in the name of Micro Trade and one in the name of Micro Food and Beverage.

Ban on going abroad, NID blocked
CID has sent a letter to the immigration department banning senior officials from going abroad. Besides, a letter was given to the Election Commission to block their National Identity Card (NID).

Jasim Uddin Chishti, Managing Director (MD), Nazim Uddin, Deputy General Managing Director (DMD), Sirajul Islam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Safwan Ahmed, Director (Operations), Head of Accounts and Finance Aminur Hossain.

Getting the trafficking ingredients, there will be a case: CID official
Humayun Kabir, Special Superintendent of Police for Organized Crime of CID, told Dhaka Post, 'We are investigating. We find money laundering ingredients in their financial transactions. I have banned their superiors from leaving the country. We will file a case against them once the investigation is over.

Dhamaka unrealistic discount without informing the product manufacturer Dhamaka started business in Bangladesh in 2020. From the beginning, they collect advance money from customers at 40 percent to 60 percent discount on each product. Then they were accused of not giving the product for a long time even after the promised time. They also did not return the refund money for the goods not given. The CID has found evidence of these allegations.

According to the CID, Dhamaka, the only e-commerce site in Bangladesh, has given 10 to 30 percent discount on luxury cars. After talking to several car importers, the CID came to know that it was almost impossible to sell the cars that Dhamaka had advertised for sale at a discount.

Dhamaka has also advertised the sale of Rangs Motors' Mercedes Benz cars at a discount on their website. However, no agreement has been reached with Rangs regarding the sale or supply of explosive cars. The only reason for their flashy advertisement was to collect cash from the customer.

Besides, Dhamaka has taken money from the customers saying that it will sell Singer brand refrigerators at 47 percent discount. However, Singer said that Singer has offered to sell the fridge to the customers at a lower price than the amount spent by Singer to make the fridge. Rangs doesn't know how they did it.

The development of the bank's sanctions list and the 10 dhamaka
suspicious transactions, and customer complaints on violation of the principles of the Bangladesh Bank dhamaka shopping ban customers from the development of the 10 banks and payment gateway. The banks are Dutch-Bangla Bank, Prime Bank, Mutual Trust Bank (MTB), BRAC Bank, Bank Asia, Dhaka Bank, United Commercial Bank and City Bank. Customers of these banks will not be able to order products on this e-commerce site with their credit, debit and pre-paid cards.

Besides, the purchase of products from bKash wallet has also been stopped. Shamsuddin Haider Dalim, Head of Corporate Communications, bKash, told Dhaka Post: At this time, in the interest of the customers, the payment gateway of bKash has been temporarily closed for some merchants including Dhamaka.


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